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Creative Way to Rock Knitted Vests this Fall by Cansu Akın

As we transition into the fall season, we seek fresh inspiration for incorporating knitwear into our wardrobes. Knitwear hasn't always been my top choice, even when the weather turns chilly, having grown up in warm climates. However, with some creative styling, I'm discovering the magic of knitwear, and I'm excited to share my newfound appreciation with you.

Knitted Vest & Statement Shirts by Cansu Akın

While Cansu hails from the same Turkish roots, she's a standout figure in my mind when it comes to the art of styling knits. Her distinctive and playful approach to merging colors and textures serves as an endless wellspring of inspiration. In a recent ensemble, she transformed a simple knitted vest into a work of art, effortlessly pairing it with a shirt boasting a stunning collar that peeked out from beneath her mustard trench coat. And let's not even begin to gush about that eye-catching blue bag. It's simply a sight to behold.

She is wearing an old HM Studio shirt here so I have done the work to find the most similar items out there for us.

Here is the link to the Shirt for those who want to grab the last sizes left.

Knitted Vest Alternatives

Statement Shirts

Classic Loafers


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